give1-logoThe GIVE1 PROJECT is a global organization that aims to engage young people as leaders in creating and building strong and healthy communities. The project accomplishes this aim through the successful operation of a network of hunger relief, health care, civic engagement, housing, legal services, employment training and educational programs.

These programs are purposely and strategically designed to assist young men and women through a period of transformation and empower and inspire them to continuously strive for greater social, economic and political participation in their communities, both locally and internationally.

The Give 1 Project is always looking for individuals interested in assisting in our mission to strengthen communities worldwide. Our call to volunteerism is designed to support those who exhibit a need socially, economically, or politically. If you have a desire to lend your talent to an organization dedicated to advocating for those who are less fortunate, please join Give 1 Project in our mission to leave a legacy of action to anyone who may be called to champion those in need.

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