Solutions that promote electrification and development


•    Electrification: 100,000 street-lamps, 1,000 solar micro-generators and 200,000 household electric systems: all these different solutions were proposed and installed in targeted  localities, thus creating direct and indirect jobs mainly for local youth.

•    Resources:
→    With an average investment of $75 000 per village, Akon Lighting Africa is playing an increasingly important role in the electrification of Africa.
→    The public-private partnerships established with partners Solektra, Give1 Project, Akon Corp, Huawei, Sumec and Nari, as well as the excellent relations established with a number of Heads of States are encouraging signs for the future of Akon Lighting Africa.

→    Above and beyond this clean and environmentally-friendly energy solution, Akon Lighting Africa also provides employment.

✓    Direct jobs: A network of young people is employed to learn how to install and maintain solar solutions, and to acquire technical expertise.

✓    Indirect jobs: small businesses, cafes, agriculture, evening classes, night transport… with electricity, everything becomes possible. So that their initiative can become a benchmark, the founders of Akon Lighting Africa have started to carefully monitor their activities to quantify the number of indirect jobs created.

Thanks to Akon Lighting Africa we have launched in one year a new dynamic and helped raising collective awareness: solutions are available, ready to hand and we can address the electrification challenge – QUICKLY!” AkonUntil now we used USD 240 millions out of one billion dollars that we have at our disposal. We are present in 14 countries and want to expand into an additional 30 countries very soon”, Samba Bathily“Africa needs strategic public-private partnerships to progress. We have one common objective, that is, building a brighter future for our youth”, President of Benin Mr. Boni Yayi