Lighting up Africa to offer a bright future


“Power to empower people: that is our objective”, AkonLighting up Africa works to:

•    Allow school children and students to do their homework and pass their exams.
•    Allow shopkeepers, tradesmen and cooks to work and small businesses to expand their activities and revenues.
“Because of lack of electricity, I had to reject orders. Now thanks to light at night I can work longer and take more orders”, Dressmaker, Congo-Brazzaville•    Make roads safer and improve the structure of public places in Africa. It helps guarantee the continuity of heathcare services as doctors are able to examine patients after dark.
•    Provide a great opportunity for families who will be saved from using pollutant, toxic and costly domestic fuels such as kerosene.
•    Ensure better access to information, through the radio, television or computer, and improve communications as the people will be able to recharge mobile phones faster and cheaper.
•    Empower the young people of Africa, who account for 70% of the population and who will be responsible for driving growth.

“You just know you’ve done the right thing when you see grown men and women crying in wonder because it’s the first time they’ve ever seen artificial light”, Thione Niang

The founding members of the Akon Lighting Africa project are continuing with their vision to drive development throughout Africa and to make it the world’s major investment hub in the 21st Century.

Populations in off-grid locations are the first to suffer from the lack of energy. The priority is therefore to electrify very isolated towns and villages, far from the capital cities.  Thanks to the range of solutions distributed by Akon Lighting Africa, they can benefit from affordable, clean and endless energy.